Questions about the control center resident tray

5qdgbynpr 9 Days+ 0

In fashion mode, there is no control center on the tray. Every time I open the control center, and then click on the screen, the control center is closed from the left side. Then I want to open the control center and open it in the launcher. Is it a little trouble? Shouldn't the control center be automatically displayed on the tray after opening the control center, and then can the system start automatically after the system settings are automatically closed?
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  • auvjchuz8 9 Days+
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    Is the default control center not on the dock? Is the hot zone not very good?
  • bcamh5klq 9 Days+
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    The default is on the dock, I removed it and it doesn't feel like it's used often. Then I start the control center from the launcher, do not automatically dock the dock, the mouse moves away from the control center on the right, the control center is not hidden to the right? To open the Control Center again, you can only open it again from the launcher. Especially when I update, this kind of need is particularly obvious. I choose to download the update first, then the download is very slow, I will do other things, and then I want to see what the download is, and I have to re-open it. What is the hot zone?
  • yg842vz7k 9 Days+
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    Right click on the desktop, there will be a hot zone setting, there is a control center function, the mouse pointer will stop in the hot zone will start the control center.
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