Depth 15.9.2 bug

bpbyr5r4 9 Days+ 1

Looking at the depth of the software mall is good, so I installed the depth, but not long after the boot is installed, there is a bug! The problem is that from standby to wake-up, the keyboard will fail! Directly, it is the boot state. I put the notebook on the cover, and then open it again. I have to enter the password to enter the desktop. At this time, the keyboard cannot lose any characters, which is a malfunction. But the mouse can still click the shutdown button to shut down normally. In addition, I also raised an unreasonable place. That is, I am win7+deepin dual system, boot menu, when using the keyboard up and down keys to select a system, you will find that the reaction is very slow, that is, I press the keyboard up and down keys, the implementation will have a delay of 1 to 2 seconds, this is The problem, I have not installed this problem with other Linux versions. Other Linux, I press the up and down keys, the menu cursor will move immediately, without any delay!
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