15.8 Sogou input method problem (bug)

0umkdzqbo 9 Days+ 2

1, in TIM, QQ, and WeChat applications, the input method does not follow the mouse movement, always at the bottom of the window, not good screenshots, test it yourself, to ensure that everyone has this problem. 2. In applications such as TIM, QQ, and WeChat, there will be a word delay when switching between Chinese and English. This means that you type "sdf" and then press the shift key to switch back to the English state. You type sdf in the input box, and then you can enter the English jj in the English state. At this time, the input box adds jj two letters and becomes "sdfjj", this time you build by shift, theoretically enter "j", it should be in Chinese state, but the input method will first enter a j in the input box, then you switch to Chinese when you input j again In the state. Everyone can experiment, I promise not to be my own problem.
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  • quimwglqb 9 Days+
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    The second point is indeed encountered every day, but this is not a problem of 15.8. After switching to Chinese, it is basically the first letter of the first Chinese word. @aida
  • m6mpp7vaj 9 Days+
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    Yes, this problem often occurs, and I have to go back and re-enter
  • ygiditbei 9 Days+
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    I recently discovered that it is not easy to have a swallowing phenomenon by "switching the search function of the Sogou input method". It is easy to use the "Chinese and English switching" button.
  • itm6k36tn 9 Days+
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    The same, every time you switch Chinese, you will be able to put a letter on the screen. It’s so annoying. Looking forward to the input method that deepin comes with. Good torment
  • ei3sjveee 9 Days+
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    The second problem is also encountered every day.
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