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Edited by lvtommy at 2019-3-12 02:16 I make available my free programs for Deepin users.For now, i work on 3 software for Deepin :- Disk Cleaner : Cleaning app- My Weather- NightMode :NightMode automatically switches the Light / Dark theme of the supported applications according to the chosen time. You can also enable or disable the Dark icon theme.NightMode also allows you to enjoy the Dynamic Wallpaper of Mac OS Mojave: dynamic change of wallpaper according to the time.You can test The applications by going to my website: https://lvtommy.tkWarning: This is still BETA version. They certainly still have bugs. So to test with caution.
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    Wow, very nice! I can see using the cleaner tool looks alot like CCleaner or CleanMyMac X tool.
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    Beautiful and dry! stand by! Top floor master! Come on!
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    Oh, I am DEEPIN Aida, We have seen the software you developed under deepin in the forum, and it looks very good. Thank you for your contribution.Now, " The First Software Development Competition" is launched, welcome to sign up and Deploy your software, and hope that you will get a good award. The deadline for the collection of works is June 1st, you can modify the software before the deadline to make it more beautiful and powerful.We are waiting for you. For more information About the requirements and details of the contest, please visit the contest website: https://www.deepin.org/devcon-2019/
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    Thank you
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    Thank you
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    Ok Thank you, thank you I will look for this
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    you are still alive?
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    Hey man! Thanx a lot for this!Just one tip: put the name of the packages to install on command line.
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    Oh yes i will change it on the website ;)
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