AI (Artificial intelligence) in Deepin Linux.

wfpp6d2w 9 Days+ 2

What You think about Ai ? Comment your opinion.
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  • zgsnkm4uo 9 Days+
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    Not there such a thing. Why there is no option sounds bad? There are more important things should be done before useless, gimmick AI. Please stop posting childish things on the forum.
  • cklf92cb 9 Days+
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    Premature promotion of FOSS to uninitiated users when it is not ready would only create a bad impression.
  • ffslqf0m9 9 Days+
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    I don't want to use. Would you please make a system bug fixes?
  • l8v24cg8i 9 Days+
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    I'm sorry but deepin system has some bugs, I prefer a system with less bugs
  • 65v1gvn0s 9 Days+
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    By the time Deepin has AI, I will migrate to another OS
  • g6ge6i4l 9 Days+
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    This suggestion has no value, and your vague comments to the replies on this thread offer no proper explanation of your ideas.For example, your comment on superendermansm's reply states that having AI would improve battery optimization (if I understood you correctly), but you Failed to explain how that could possibly work, and how those two things could even be remotely related to each other.
  • 3nrq6kjar 9 Days+
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    If I could get a definition of what this AI would add to deepin experience I could say what I think about it. Generally I can say that I dont like AI for my OS. I cant really say why, it is a bit irrational I guess , but maybe like I would feel a loss of control.
  • xrhe79ij 9 Days+
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    Deepin has a number of problem to repair and solve, the AI ​​support should be online at 3 and 5 years later. So It's too early to put forward it now, thx for your expectation
  • hmfan6dn 9 Days+
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    There are bugs to fix and deliver upgraded applications and drivers ... This is more urgent than "AI's fashion".
  • f0d65yhfz 9 Days+
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    Rage against the machine!No skynet, all control to intelligent people.
  • ux8z684wf 9 Days+
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    You are right, at present "AI" is a joke,somebody making famous spot by "aI",in fact "AI" maybe won't success in this times,so deepin no need to gamble
  • 55gp810zl 9 Days+
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    To make a suggestion, I need a more direct way to enter the notification bar instead of opening the settings and then entering the notification.
  • 2vmlit52r 9 Days+
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    I don't know what you're talking about.
  • ery7nxq0id 9 Days+
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    AI is a big topic. It is vague to just say "AI" for deepin linux. Do you mean "Intelligent Agent" like Cortana(actually Cortana is not intelligent at all...) or Machine learning "picture/voice Ident you", or you want to use the word "AI" to attract those customers who are not familiar with computer science. I saw you said "Ai for battery saving and optimize", however, a clearer name should be "A Better battery saving planning"
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