Deepin is not good for all purpose?

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Edited by sarojpoudel33 at 2018-12-2 12:07 As a loyal user deepin linux is not good for Student, Developer, Designer, Work and Editor. May Deepin Administrative read this.First Thank for Reading !As we Know Deepin Is moving toward Own DDE Project (Deepin Desktop Environment) by replacing Gnome Application but there are several issues in their project.Needs lot of improvements Deepin Text Editor cannot recognize Many Language :- Hindi, Nepali and Many More. Deepin Video Recorder Cannot Record Audio and GIF Cannot Deepin File Manger Cannot Open New Window while copying files. Deepin File Manger Cannot access Samsung Devices. Please make OneClick button to switch Dark and Normal theme. Please bring back Weather Information in Dock orsomewhere else. Annoying BugsPlaying Online and Offline Video it freeze but sound goes Smoothly.Time reset to 24hours value while reboot the OS. How may We help Deepin? Reply. Thank You!
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    Unfortunately there is much more bugs and issues than @sarojpoudel33 mention. as you can see on forum community.I think Deepin project managers got lost somewhere with project development goals. They forgot about stability and make Deepin just work properly hardware widely in two last releases To much work went to visual improvements, which is a paradox, cause Deepin is a one of the best looking OS out there.
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    Please bring back Weather Information in Dock orsomewhere else. No, Please no
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    But there is one thing that bothers me: if I'm right, paid users of Deepin are government departments, so Deepin's main goal of development is to fit the paid users' requirements, and to make it easier to do paperwork on this OS. However, as you mentioned, Deepin seems to pay much more attention to some user interface stuff than stability, which is, in my point of view, one of the most important elements of an OS for government users.For me, I just Like the good looking interface. It's the most beautiful OS I've ever seen. A damn beautiful interface, a third party music player and a pretty terminal window should be enough for me :P.
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    No, I'm not a paid user :P. The above is my personal view, probably not the truth.
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    These paying users usually use Windows App instead of Linux software.
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    Why no? Yes!
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