I attended the meeting today with my alienware+deepin os

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This post was last edited by phoenifox at 2019-3-12 23:57. After using deepin os for 3 months, various toss in the middle, including plugging in HDMI data cable can not play PPT and other issues, I have basically been very good on this system. Familiar with it. Then, with the computer for the second time, lend it to others to play PPT presentations, and also use the zoom conference system for video conferences. I told them by the way that I used deepin. I must say that libreoffice plays a PPT with a big advantage. It is automatically timed by default when playing. It needs to be set manually by ms office, and there is no need to install a PPT timer. My experience is that you should be proficient in using deepin, you need to fumble for a while, I am a little computer-based, able to do basic formatting and installation of various systems, a little command, network and printer can get their own Three months is a comfortable time. Within 3 months, you may face some problems that you don't understand. There will be frustration when used, just like the jet lag, from win to linux.
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    Very courageous. Are you afraid of suddenly breaking the chain and screwing things up?
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